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A Handful of Organizations that Provide Support for Syrian Refugees

Peter Kuperman, founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, an educational organization that teaches computer science and computer programming to children, is dedicated to giving back to people in need. Recently, Peter Kuperman began sponsoring a refugee family from Syria and plans to continue supporting Syrian refugees into the future.

A number of important organizations that are working to assist impacted Syrians have emerged in the last year. Some of the lesser-known initiatives that people may want to consider supporting include:
1. Small Projects Istanbul: This organization provides scholarships and classes to Syrian children relocated to Turkey.
2. Karam Foundation: Based in Chicago, Illinois, the foundation is raising funds to rebuild schools that were destroyed in Syria.
3. Migrant Offshore Aid Station: This group maintains a fleet of rescue boats in the Mediterranean that looks for migrants lost at sea.
4. Refugees Welcome: A German nonprofit, the organization matches refugees who need housing with people who have spare bedrooms in their homes.
5. Hand in Hand for Syria: This agency offers on-the-ground aid in Syria, including food, water, clothing, and medical assistance.

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