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Cycling With Children

Peter Kuperman

Founder and CEO of Hatch Canada Peter Kuperman helps children develop skills for the 21st century by teaching them about coding. Since establishing the company, he has grown Hatch Canada by 13 percent each month and amassed a library of more than 600 projects. In his free time, Peter Kuperman enjoys cycling with his wife and their young child.

Many individuals and families enjoy cycling with their young child in tow. For some, children are brought along on bike rides as soon as they can hold themselves up. Others wait until a baby is one year old to bring their child along. Children who are old enough for a helmet must wear one to stay safe even if they are not riding their own bike. When picking helmets for a young child, parents must consider the helmet’s weight and make sure their child can support the addition weight on their own. Beyond helmets, children should be in comfortable clothes that protect them from the weather.

Children can be brought on a bike ride with the help of either a trailer that attaches to the back of the bike or a child seat that attaches to the front. Child seats are cheaper than trailers and require less effort from the cycling parent. Further, since they are in front, it is easier to keep children entertained during the ride. Trailers offer the additional benefits of increased seat room, more protection for the child, and better bike handling. However, children need toys, blankets, and other entertainment items to get them from getting fussy. Regardless of the method used to bring a child along, parents should focus on riding along bike trails that are free of cars and relatively flat throughout.

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