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Different Ways to Earn Money through Real Estate

Peter Kuperman

Peter Kuperman founded Hatch Canada, an educational program that teaches children how to write computer code. As part of his career as a successful businessman, Peter Kuperman earned money through real estate.

Passive income through real estate is an alternative income option for individuals willing to invest. There are different ways to make money through real estate, such as rental income. Often, property owners rent out smaller units by the room to ensure the property won’t be stagnant in terms of income. Real estate investment trusts or REITs also provide property owners passive income through dividends.

In addition, investors see opportunity in buying properties under market value. These properties sell low because most of them are foreclosures, or need to be sold immediately. After buying these properties at a cheaper cost, investors can develop the property and sell them for a higher market value. Refinancing also becomes easier for real estate investors who spend their money on improvements. After upgrading the renovated property’s value, investors can apply for refinancing to obtain a lump-sum value of the added worth. This lump sum can then be used to fund another real estate venture.

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