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Gender inequality in Canada

In 2014, University of Pennsylvania graduate Peter Kuperman founded Hatch Canada, an organization that teaches children how to code. At least 50 percent of the instructors in Hatch Canada are women. In keeping with support for gender equality, Peter Kuperman is a staunch supporter of Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl campaign.

Gender equality issues are strong in developing countries where girls are denied their most basic human rights. However, even developed countries such as Canada have their fair share of gender inequality. Research funded by Status of Women Canada found out that among over a hundred girls aged 16-19, half claim that their career choices are still being affected by perpetuated gender stereotypes. Moreover, only 7 percent say that their opinions are heard or valued.
The study further found out that 39 percent of those interviewed claim that they never feel safe from sexual harassment and only half claim to feel safe in school. Body image is also an issue, as one out of three girls report that they rarely have positive body image.
Fortunately, girls are fighting back gender inequality by becoming good role models in society, breaking stereotypes, and advocating for change in the status quo.

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