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Hatch Alpha - Advanced Coding Skills with Real World Applications

Peter Kuperman

Peter Kuperman serves as CEO of Hatch Canada and guides the company that provides children with 21st century skills in coding with a focus on project-based learning. Peter Kuperman’s company offers Hatch Prime as a self-directed coding program for students age seven to 17. In addition, the firm recently introduced Hatch Alpha, which takes coding and programming to the next level.

The advanced Hatch Alpha program focuses on coding as a way of finding solutions to practical, real world problems that are applicable to future professional endeavors. The complex assignments also give students an advantage in the university application process, as they provide a compelling narrative of extracurricular achievement.

One noteworthy Hatch Alpha project involved a team of teens working together to better organize the movement of students in a school environment with limited space. The flow of student traffic was digitally represented and analyzed in tandem with logistical factors and class schedules, and a solution was devised. More than simply teaching coding skills, the project vividly illustrated to students the usefulness and benefit of their work in the real world.

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