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Hatch Canada’s PA Day Workshops

Peter Kuperman

Holding degrees in economics and computer science engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Kuperman is now growing the company he co-founded, Hatch Canada. Peter oversees all programs at his company.

Hatch Canada maintains numerous programs through which children are able to learn about coding, including its PA day workshops. As with most of the company’s programs, the PA day workshops provide students of varying ages with the tools they need to express themselves and foster an entrepreneurial spirit. The program is led by trained coaches who are capable of working at each student’s individual pace while also providing mentorship. Through Hatch Canada’s PA day workshops, students work on everything from writing code and improving critical thinking to increasing self-reliance and communication.

The PA day workshops last for 90 minutes and give students the opportunity to build two to four programs using JavaScript. Students learn three to five lines of code before creating their own personalized projects, and are given a permanent account to the company’s online platform. This platform includes a project library consisting of more than 600 projects.
PA day workshops are available in Oakville, Toronto, or Richmond Hill. There are four classes that are spread throughout the day and students can register for as many classes as they like. Each class costs $40 and a full day of classes is $160. New Hatch Canada students also receive their first class for free, so their full-day price is $120.

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