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Khan Academy - Math for Fun and Glory

Peter Kuperman

Peter Kuperman serves as the CEO of Hatch Canada, an educational center devoted to teaching computer-programing skills to children. Hatch uses mastery-based teaching practices and hundreds of engaging projects to give kids a jump-start in the computer science field. Peter Kuperman was inspired to create Hatch after volunteering over 1,200 hours for Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a free, online, educational resource, begun by Salman “Sal” Khan primarily to teach math. Some courses, geared toward students, are accompanied by grade-level suggestions and common core standard information. Other courses are for lifelong learners, suitable for anyone who wants to teach themselves things like computer programming, personal finance, or art history.
One of the more dynamic courses is “Math for fun and glory.” Among other things, students can learn how to geometrically arrange their “mathed” potatoes to hold the greatest volume of gravy and why we need prime numbers to talk to aliens. The course also offers dozens of puzzles and brainteasers.

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