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Lesser-Known Benefits of Cycling

Peter Kuperman

Hatch Canada CEO and founder Peter Kuperman possesses more than a decade of leadership experience. A former volunteer with Khan Academy, Peter Kuperman and his team teach children how to code. In his free time, Mr. Kuperman enjoys cycling with his family.

A great way to stay fit and lose weight, cycling also has a few lesser-known benefits, including improved sleeping habits. According to research at Stanford University, cycling 20 to 30 minutes every two days dramatically improves sleep, helping people sleep an hour longer than usual and cutting in half the time they need to fall asleep.
Regularly cycling also gives the immune system a significant boost. Further, a good immune system protects against certain cancers. Cycling improves the overall functioning of cells in the body and may reduce the risk of cancer up to 50 percent.
Finally, cycling improves life expectancy and helps people appear younger. In London, researchers found that cyclists were nine years younger biologically when they cycled 45 minutes, three times a week. Cyclists also had a lower risk of type two diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

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