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Plan International Partners With UN for Action Plan for Girls

Peter Kuperman

Committed to helping children build skills to help them in the fast-changing technology field, Peter Kuperman is the founder and CEO of Hatch Canada in Toronto, where he teaches kids how to code. Apart from his work life, Peter Kuperman supports various charitable organizations such as Plan Internationals’ “Because I Am a Girl” campaign.

Plan International recently announced a partnership with UN Women in which the two organizations will focus on improving gender equality issues for women across the globe. Specifically, the two organizations plan to develop advocacy campaigns and fundraising efforts to help facilitate the inclusion of women and young girls into the political process worldwide.
According to the most recent data from Plan International and the UN, approximately 62 million girls across the world who are school age are not attending classes. Without an education, these girls are three times more likely to wed by the time they are 18 – in most cases stunting their own personal development – than their educated counterparts. UN Women says it plans to springboard its Women’s Youth and Gender Equality Strategy off of the “Because I am a Girl” campaign.

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