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SOS Children’s Villages Ensures Children Have Access to Education

Peter Kuperman

The founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman places a great deal of importance on people. Dedicated humanists, he and his wife are sponsoring a Syrian refugee family and plan to continue helping refugees in the future. Furthermore, Peter Kuperman supports such organizations as SOS Children’s Villages.

For more than six decades, SOS Children’s Villages has been providing homes and support to children and families in need. Toward this end, the organization maintains several different programs, including its educational program. Despite both the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on Human Rights recognizing education as a fundamental right, more than 60 million children around the world are denied a proper education. This barrier is usually due to poverty, illness, stigmatization, or forced childhood labor.
SOS Children’s Villages breaks down these barriers and works around the world to provide families and children with access to educational programming. When communities do not have any vocational training programs or schools, the organization establishes and operates secondary and primary schools, along with kindergartens. Known as Hermann Gmeiner Schools, these institutions provide children with the opportunity to learn and grow. Furthermore, SOS helps adults and children who are impoverished pay for school supplies and fees to ensure they have access to learning.

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