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Sponsoring a Child Through SOS Children's Villages

Peter Kuperman

Peter Kuperman is the founder and CEO of Hatch Canada. His business uses mastery-based education to teach computer skills to children. Peter Kuperman is interested in the education and well-being of children worldwide and, among other child-centric charities, supports SOS Children’s Villages.

SOS Children’s Villages provides housing and care to thousands of children who have been abandoned or neglected. Many of these children come from extremely disadvantaged or war-torn communities, while others have lost family due to natural disasters or disease.

SOS Children’s Villages makes it possible for people worldwide to sponsor a child in need. A monthly $35 donation helps a child have a place to live, a quality education, and a caring new family.
Donors can choose to sponsor either a boy or girl, and they can direct their support to children in a particular geographic region, if they like. Sponsors then receive photographs, progress reports, and ongoing updates about their SOS child and the child’s village. Sponsored children send a recent photograph and holiday greetings each winter. Sponsors can also choose to send their child a birthday gift.

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