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The Khan Academy’s Empowering Approach to Online Education

Peter Kuperman

An entrepreneur, Peter Kuperman heads Hatch Canada, a coding and programming curriculum for youth. Committed to quality online education, Peter Kuperman served as outreach coordinator with the nonprofit Khan Academy.

Operating under the motto “For free. For everyone. Forever,” the Khan Academy stands as an empowering resource for students. The offered subjects span history, economics, art history, computer programming, and calculus. Online instructional videos and practice problems are coordinated through a personalized learning dashboard. The Academy has high profile partners, including institutions such as The California Academy of Sciences and NASA.

A key tenet of the Khan Academy approach is that the ability to learn is not determined by innate ability, but by having a growth mindset in place. In the same way as muscles, the brain expands its abilities through repeated practice. A key to achieving real progress is to direct one’s brainpower in a focused way, with self-motivated practice a foundation. With the Academy, there is no failure, but the motivational, user-paced system is designed to provide students with a full understanding of materials and how they relate to real-world situations.

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